Well the other day as I was thinking about this article I found out something I did not know about on the  site The site has a section that will help you decide where you want to take your next trip and then you can see pictures, read reviews, and make your reservations. Basically the whole nine yards. Why would you need anything else?

I decided to look into an adventure trip. I love adventure trips of course I also think that any trip is an adventure because you are finding out about how others live. I selected adventure and then the United States which took me to some of these ideas.


How would you like to hike or bike to something like this. See a video about this at

At the Tripadvisor site you can find rafting, hiking, climbing and just about any other type of trip you can think of.  As much as I love adventure trips there is another type of trip that you can plan there which may even be more fun than adventure. And that is a SHOPPING TRIP. Now who wouldn’t just love to do something like that?

So when I found this I decided to look into a shopping trip to Los Angeles. I have always wanted to go to the garment district but keep hearing that it is so hard to do. Actually I think I was there one time (at least we think we found the garment district) and if that is where we were it was very disappointing.  Well below is a map of the garment district. You can get tons of info on shopping here from this site. Before you go there check out this site. And after looking at this site (which is where I found the map) I was never at the garment district and can’t wait to get there.



Anyway I guess I got a little off topic but you could combine these 2 types of adventure trips into one. First take a rafting or biking adventure then a shopping adventure and plan it all on Tripadvisor.

Now that I have found the site above I will soon be going to the garment district.